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The information on our "Products and Services" as well as the theory and advice in "Ask the Experts" is supplied so that you can make an informed decision.


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All our products are made up of natural plant extracts. Although the products are used externally they are regarded as an internal solution. This is because the Exoderm™ Solution absorbs into the skin immediately and settles at the lowest layer repairing the condition at cellular level. Unlike other treatments which are usually surface based, this remedy is penetrative. Oxytherapy is a self administered liquid which is taken orally by placing the prescribed amount of drops in a glass of water. This remedy is recommended for severe sufferers of Psoriasis and should be used in conjunction with the Exoderm solution for faster results.

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We at Oxylabs also offer the services of advising clients on specific applications for individual sufferers. You can also contact us by using our Help Lines during office hours (Monday - Friday)


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